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COPMeD Sub-Groups

Sub-Groups feeding into COPMeD UK with their Chairs and COPMeD Leads

4 Nations Trainee Revalidation Oversight Group

Chair / Lead: Dr Geoff Smith & Professor Jane Mamelok

COPMeD & AoMRC SAC Review Group

Chair / Lead: Professor Bill Irish (COPMeD) & Professor Jeanette Dickson (AoMRC)

COPMeD & GMC Enhancing Trainees Involvement and Experience of Research

Chair / Lead: Professor Bill Irish (COPMeD) & Professor Sue Carr (GMC)

COPMeD Gold Guide Reference Group

Chair / Lead: Professor Jane Mamelok, Dr Ian Steele, Miss Sarah Kaufmann & Dr Anne Edwards

COPMeD Overarching Data Group (ODG)

Chair / Lead: Mr Pete Blakeman

COPMeD Professional Support and Wellbeing Group

Chair / Lead: Dr Paul Sadler

COPMeD SAS Associate Postgraduate Deans subcommittee (COPSAS)

Chair / Lead: Dr Lynne Meekison

COPMeD Senior Managers Forum

Chair / Lead: Ms Amanda Barber

Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG)

Chair / Lead: Professor Namita Kumar

Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

Chair / Lead: Mr Jon Hossain

Sudden Death in doctors in Training

Chair / Lead: Dr Paul Sadler